Geistlich Pharma AG ®
Regenerative medicine for better life quality.

Why Geistlich?

Stable bone and tissue for healty teeths.

World leading manufacturer in the field of regenerative dental medicine and the pioneer in production of Geistlich Bio-Oss and Geistlich Bio-Gide.

The scientific summary is available at this LINK

    Choose the ideal product for your case:

  • Geistlich Bio-Oss ® particles S or L ; packing sizes 0,5g, 1g or 2g
  • Geistlich Bio Gide ® 13x25mm, 25x25mm or 30x40mm
  • Geistlich Mucograft ® 15x20mm or 20x30mm
  • Geistlich Bio Oss Pen ® particles S or L
  • Geistlich Bio Oss Collagen ® 50mg, 100mg, 250mg
  • Geistlich Combi Kit Collagen ® (Bio Oss Collagen ® + Bio Gide ®)
  • Bio Gide Shape ® 14x24mm
  • Fibro Gide ® 15x20x6mm or 20x40x6mm
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