Best unique end result for every patienet. Titanium, gold-shaded titanium or zirkon.


Atlantis abutments with intraoral crown cementation
Atlantis Custom Base abutment
Atlantis Crown abutment
Atlantis Conus abutment

ATLANTIS individuals abutment are compatible with wide range of individual abutments.


Made out of solid blocks of titanium and cobalt-chrome using the latest developments in world-class production technologies and supported by computer based industrial and medical-device expertise.

Would you like to go for a mobile or fixed prosthetic solution?

    For fixed prosthetic solution you can choose between Atlantis bridge or hybrid.

  • Angulated screw access (ASA) – for better function and esthetics
  • Retention surface
  • Additive manufacturing – special 3D printing technique

    For mobile prosthetic solution you can choose between Atlantis bar or 2in1 suprastructure.

  • Wide range of bar profiles and attachments
  • Passive fit
  • Time saving


Atlantis is the best prosthetic solution with the highest quality, safety and reliability.

Atlantis warranty covers not only the suprastructure but also the implants if an implant supplier does not honor its warranty due to your use of Atlantis.

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